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Camille Guigliano
Current VOBEC Co-Chair and VOBEC member since 2002. Seasonal resident of Ocean Beach since 1999. Created and managed Tools for Schools (a group of Pfizer volunteers that donated used office supplies to NYC schools) from 1988- 2005. With two others, organized and managed Prospect Heights Recycling in Brooklyn from 1989 to 1992, until curbside recycling could be implemented in that neighborhood. Traveled to Borneo in 1993 to work with Birute Galdikas to help preserve the orangutan in the wild. Volunteered at the American Museum of Natural History from 1994 to 2003. Traveled to Namibia in 1998 to work with Laurie Marker to help preserve the cheetah in the wild. Former Associate Director at Pfizer, Inc. Currently a consultant in the pharmaceutical industry.

Beth Jacobwitz
Current VOBEC secretary and member since August 2017. Seasonal resident of Ocean Beach since 1990. Masters in Marine Conservation and Policy from the School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at Stony Brook University and attorney for over 25 years, with a specialty in complex litigation. Active volunteer in a number of local historical and environmental organizations, including the Diamondback Terrapin Research Program at West Meadow Beach, Stony Brook, New York. Passionate about the impact of rising sea levels on coastal communities and the options available to communities and governments to address these impacts.

David Lieber
Current VOBEC Co-Chair and VOBEC member since 2011. Seasonal resident of Ocean Beach since 1965. Memorabilia Sales Manager for "Gotta Have It". Lived in Germany for 18 years and learned successful environmental strategies. Interested in sports, history, music and fishing.

David Lipsky
VOBEC member at inception and again since 2007. Seasonal resident of Ocean Beach since childhood. Environmental scientist with over 35 years of public and private sector experience addressing a broad range of air, water, biota and toxic substances issues. Chief Distribution, Water Quality Science and Research, Bureau of Water Supply, New York City Department of Environmental Protection.

Lisa Lowe
Member since 2012. Seasonal resident of Ocean Beach since 1984. Environmental scientist with more than 30 years experience in environmental management with expertise in compliance, remediation, auditing, and acquisition/divestiture due diligence.

Judy Steinman
Appointed to VOBEC in June 2018. Seasonal resident, and almost year-round resident, for more than 30 years. With degrees in Biology and Science Education from CUNY and Harvard, has been an active science educator since 1961. Has taught at various levels, from kindergarten to graduate school, spending the last 12 years before retirement as Chairman of the Science Department at Hunter College High School. An enthusiastic birder, has travelled to all seven continents to view hundreds of indigenous species. Her garden is one of her favorite places in the world.

Emily Wicks
VOBEC member since May 2020. Seasonal resident of Ocean Beach since 1999. Bachelors in Applied Mathematics from UC Berkeley and currently a Quant Developer at Citigroup. Started a non-profit organization which aimed to increase awareness of forced labor, child labor, and sweatshops in the clothing industry, a component of which was to encourage the purchase of previously owned clothing. Managed consulting projects involving landfill waste diversion in a commercial setting. Passionate about water security as well as emerging water/wastewater treatment technologies.

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