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VOBEC was formed in 1979. As a Mayoral-appointed advisory group and originally known as the Conservation Commission, the background behind the formation of VOBEC, per Article §10-5 of the Code of the Village of Ocean Beach, was this:

The preservation and improvement of the quality of the natural and man-made environment within the Village of Ocean Beach, in the face of population growth, urbanization and technological change with their accompanying demands on natural resources, are found to be of increasing and vital importance to the health, welfare and economic well-being of present and future inhabitants and to require forthright action by the governing body of the Village of Ocean Beach.

It is recognized that the biologic integrity of the natural environment on which man is dependent for survival and the natural and functional beauty of our surroundings which condition the quality of our life experience cannot be protected without the full cooperation and participation of all the people of the village working in partnership with local, state and federal officials and with various public and private institutions, agencies and organizations. Establishment of a Conservation Commission is a necessary step in fostering unified action on environmental problems.
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