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Welcome to the website of the Village of Ocean Beach Environmental Commission (VOBEC). The Incorporated Village of Ocean Beach is the unofficial capital of the half mile wide by 32 mile long barrier beach of Fire Island, just five miles south of Long Island, New York. Fire Island is a unique place. We are a summer resort, but we are also a national park, the Fire Island National Seashore. We have 17 communities, yet we also have long stretches of beautiful beaches, uninhabited wetlands and wilderness areas.

VOBEC hopes that you find our website useful in obtaining information on recycling, finding out about upcoming VOBEC events, glancing at our Fun Facts and tips on what you can do about the environment, and understanding the eco-system of our barrier island.

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Fire Island National Seashore

On June 15, 2015, FINS released its draft General Management Plan / Environmental Impact Statement (GMP/EIS). Download from this link to get the full report:

Once you've read it, your comments are invited on the website. It's your island, so take this opportunity to weigh in on the future of Fire Island.


We strive to educate homeowners and guests alike about
the Village's recycling efforts. » click here for more information

Environmental Awareness Day!
Our 9th Annual Environmental Awareness Day (EAD) is scheduled for Sunday, August 16 from 11 AM to 1 PM in the Ocean Beach Community House. VOBEC is planning to present a panel of speakers for a 50 year historical retrospective and a vision of Fire Island over the next 50 years.

There will be light snacks and ample time for Q & A. Please join us for the very informative event.

On Saturday, May 23, 2015, VOBEC held an informal environmental get together at the Ocean Beach home of VOBEC Commissioner, Diana Hein. FINS Park Ranger Elizabeth Rogers presented the 25 guests with an update on FINS' southern pine beetle suppression efforts and plans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of FINS' formation.

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